Renovating your home prior to putting it up for sale will certainly add more value to it and attract more potential buyers. Today people prefer homes that require little to no fixes. The more you invest in this, the larger reward you will have. But don’t overlook minor repairs because even small changes can make a huge difference.

Read on to discover the most effective and rewarding things you can do to maximize your home’s value.

Guaranteed Ways That will Add Value to Your Home

Having a Cost-Effective Extension Built

A well-designed and thoroughly planned extension is one of the best ways to transform your home significantly and boost its overall value. It should be in proportion to your existing home and not look like a mismatch.

Extensions are pretty cost-effective as they do not require building a whole new room or space. All you have to do is convert the already existing space into a totally different room. For instance, if your garage is not of much use, you can convert it into a bedroom by removing/replacing its door and adding a few windows. A whole garage conversion will cost you somewhere between £5000 and £7000.

You could also add a side-return extension to your kitchen (to add about 15% value) or design a fancy shed in the garden to create a private haven.

Install a Modern Heating System

Upgrading the heating system before selling your home is another efficient method of increasing its value. People prefer homes that have modern energy-efficient equipment or systems which have the tendency to reduce their monthly bills and help them save money annually.

If your home does not have a central heating system or the existing system is traditional, then replace it with a modern system before presenting your home to a buyer. It may include adding double-glazed windows, insulating the loft properly, and sealing leaks or drafts well.

If the existing boiler is working well, you could add a few things like radiators or towel rails to improve its effectiveness. In the UK, installing a central heating system may cost you from £3,000 to £4,000.

Add More Accommodation by Converting Your Loft

Converting your loft into a cozy room will boost your home’s market value immensely. It also costs less than adding an extension to your home. According to a study, making this update in your existing home can increase its value by up to £23,754.57.

You can add dormer windows to allow natural light to give the loft a homely appearance. You may need to get planning permission before adding the windows. However, the loft conversion will not require permission as you will just be using the existing space for a different purpose.

Give Your Garden a New Look

Another thing you must do before selling your home is bringing in a few changes into your garden to make it look more appealing. Doing this can increase your home’s value by up to 10%. You can give your garden a heavenly look by just making small changes. For instance, add more colour to your garden with more flowers, shrubs, and plants, cut overgrown plants, mow the lawn, etc.

You can also give your garden a little makeover by making the following more noticeable and attractive changes:

  • Add a fence or raise the existing fence. You can also add some popular trees that people generally like.
  • Design separate areas for different activities like a calm area for seating, a more fun area for a barbeque, a secluded area for work, etc.
  • Add a deck to increase beauty and value simultaneously.

Give a Makeover to Your Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a part of the home that often get neglected by home sellers.  Remember to not make this mistake if you want to boost your home’s value before selling it.

Give the bathroom a luxurious appearance by adding a few new things or replacing the already existing old-fashioned bathroom lights, sink, etc. Lighting in a bathroom can greatly impact on its appearance and appeal.

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