At L&H Residential Estate Agents, we’re delighted to be markedly proven experts in the buying and selling of properties in the Borehamwood, Elstree and Bushey areas of North London, with our personal and exceptional stress-free service that always gets us noticed, you can rest assured we’ll be with you all the way. And the same goes for our notably outstanding Property Management services too.

We’ll manage your property, so you don’t have to:

We pride ourselves on being a skilled liaison between you, the property owner (landlord) and your tenants. By controlling and managing all aspects of the tenancy agreement, you can relax in the knowledge that everything we do will be for the benefit and satisfaction of both parties. And with exceptional organisational competences, we’ll deal efficiently with all the daily operations, so you don’t have to.

What we do:

  • We shall discuss with you in detail all the services and responsibilities you would like us to carry out on your behalf pertaining to marketing, rental income, vetting appropriate tenants and the maintenance of the property.
  • We shall endeavour to reduce your time involvement with the property by managing all financial consequences, and enhancing your returns.
  • Whilst overseeing and securing all vacant buildings, we will be consistent in our advertising, to ensure that all empty rental properties are occupied as efficiently and as quickly as possible, with compatible and reliable occupiers considered through careful tenant screenings.


  • We shall communicate between you and your tenants to negotiate a satisfactory rental income, by carrying out property evaluations, and considering the present rental rates in the local market and adjusting it when and where necessary, whilst assessing overhead costs, possible devaluation, taxes, and turnover objectives, and we shall provide transparent records for all financial transactions with scrupulous bookkeeping.


  • We shall handle and mediate with all tenants about any concerns they may have, with an instantaneous response, and shall endeavour to resolve any issues raised with immediate effect.
  • We shall conduct routine inspections of all properties on a regular basis, to identify any short-term repairs that may be necessary, and advise on any major renovations that may be required in the long term. Both for the benefit of the tenant and that of the owner, we’ll ensure that the property is maintained in ship-shape condition and any problems are promptly attended to.
  • We shall take full accountability for all property repairs and maintenance, having initially ascertained with you, what is considered the responsibility of the property manager such as locks, water leaks, roof and building deterioration and boiler and gas appliances, where we will use only the best tradesmen in the industry. And differentiating those liabilities with those of the tenant, should there be any intentional damage or neglect of the property.

Our aim:

To deliver an exceptional service with our own team of experts, who are dedicated professionals in all aspects of property management, so that you can be confident that your property investment will be well looked after, your returns increased, and your tenants are happy and in it for the long-term.