TwentyEA, a company which provides analytics for the UK property market, has recently published data showing that the average time to sell a home has increased by 50% in 2023 compared to last year. Time to exchange has also risen by 5%. So it now takes roughly 65 days to sell and 139 days to exchange contracts.

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Delays in completion are due to any number of factors that can occur in the property chain, such as legal or conveyancing issues. And the length of time it takes varies from region to region. For example, the process is usually quicker in Northern counties, with the South taking longer.

However, compared to 2019, the time to sell a home is now 13% quicker in 2023. But the number of sales that fall through is 9% higher than in 2019, while being over 5% lower than last year.

These figures appear to be completely unrelated to supply and demand.

How can you sell your home as quickly as possible?

Facts from Rightmove show that, once your property goes up for sale, 70% of the interest will come in the first 4 to 6 weeks. This is because, when people start looking for a property, they are keen to see those that have just appeared on the market, and less inclined to look at the ones which have been available for several months. Properties naturally get less interest the longer they are on the market, and will more than likely need a price reduction to sell.

You are realistically looking at 6 months from the time your home goes on the market, to moving house. But is there a way to speed up this process? Aside from delays which are beyond your control, for example with your mortgage provider, there are things you can do.

Spring is here!

As the days get lighter and signs of spring start to appear, the housing market typically gets busier. So you can make the most of this time of year by following these tips:

  1. Make sure you find the right Estate Agent; you want to ensure that your most valuable asset is in the right hands.
  2. Spring is a great time of year to show your home looking its best, so make sure the outside of your house is in tip-top shape. This is the first thing that buyers see – first impressions are what count the most, and buyers feel optimistic about your property when it looks great. So remove weeds, tidy up and do a bit of cleaning. Add bedding plants. Make sure the gutters are clear.
  3. Add a vase of fresh flowers to the hallway or dining table, and do a spring clean. Also, having your carpets professionally cleaned is a great idea. If you have dogs, you may not be able to smell them, but visitors certainly will! Wash and polish hard flooring. Wash the windows. Declutter surfaces and countertops; potential buyers don’t want to see too much of your stuff everywhere.
  4. Touch up skirting boards and walls where they’re chipped or scuffed.
  5. Open curtains and blinds fully to allow as much natural light in as possible.

sell your home as quickly and painlessly

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